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Do You Need A Same Day Wage Advance To Help You Survive Until Your Next Pay Day?

Quick and Efficient Payday Loans

Pounds Till Payday offer a lightning fast approach to providing short term finance solutions for practically anyone struggling to make ends meet until the next pay cheque lands in their bank account.

Each day we help dozens of satisfied clients acquire emergency cash almost instantly, without having to go through the rigmarole of finding a suitable lender on the high street whilst also avoiding rip-off loan sharks.  The vast majority of people using our services to bridge the gap and arrange cash till payday will normally receive the funds they need on the very same day that they apply for help and, in most cases, a decision will be made and a suitable lender found well within the hour.

The 1 month loan products that we are able to offer are the ideal choice for any UK resident, aged 18 years or over, who is in full or part time employment and clearing £500 to £750 per month after tax  seeking to make light work of dealing with any unforeseen financial shortfall which ordinarily wouldn’t be much of a problem to cope with other than the timing.

Whether you have found yourself struggling to pay the rent on time after a hectic weekend, or you’ve just received the telephone bill from hell and you don’t want to risk being cut off with the added worry of having to pay to be reconnected, you can apply for a quick cash advance from us within minutes and put your mind at rest knowing that everything will be back to normal as fast as is humanly possible!

Provided that you meet all of our basic lending criteria and you are happy with the terms and conditions attached to our responsible wage advance lending policy, all that we ask for in return is that the full repayment amount is available for withdrawal from your bank or building society account on the agreed date so that we can charge what you owe to your debit card on schedule with no unnecessary complications.

What Rates Are Offered On Short Term Loans And How Much Can I Borrow?

If this is the first time you have applied for an online wage advance with Pounds Till Payday then it will help your application if you only borrow as much as you realistically need.  For example, if your salary is £2,000 per month after deductions and you only need to borrow £150 then it makes sense to apply for £150.  Provided you pay back on time in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in your online agreement, then you will find it much easier to borrow more cash till payday if you need to at some time in the future.

Our short term finance rates are extremely easy to get to grips with and we even provide a simple payday loan calculator tool that will show you exactly how much extra you need to pay back on top of the amount you ask to borrow.  As a basic rule of thumb, for every £50 you apply for, you will be expected to pay back an additional £12.50 to cover our costs and support our business model.  That’s £25 for every £100 that you borrow, assuming that your short term finance is taken out as a simple one month loan.  In some cases we may be able to offer you a 3 month loan depending on how your salary is paid into your bank account.  i.e.:  If you are paid quarterly as opposed to every calendar month.

Is Applying For An Online Pay Day Loan Really My Best Option?

Things like broken washing machines, expensive computer repairs, an unexpected vet bill or the car breaking down and costing you an arm and a leg so that you can get to work will often present themselves as unavoidable expenses that are sent to try us at the most inappropriate of times.

If only these things happened when we still had a full wage in the bank instead of two hours after we had just taken the plunge and forked out for that bargain high definition TV set in that wretched half price sale that was too good to resist!  In situations like these, a pay day loan really can save the day and help make life that little bit easier by enabling us to shuffle our funds around to a more convenient point in time.

Assuming you are normally quite good with your finances and your cash flow problem is simply a one off event that you can easily afford to put right when you next get paid then a one month payday loan would be an excellent choice!

On the other hand though, if you find that you are falling behind with your domestic bills and credit card repayments on a monthly basis and you are greeted each morning by a stack of final warnings scattered beneath your letterbox then we would seriously suggest that you look for help elsewhere.  Perhaps you would be better suited with a  professional debt management package or by seeking appropriate financial advice from a voluntary organization such as the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

Responsible Lending Policy On UK Wage Advance & Payday Loans

At Pounds Till Payday, we are very serious about responsible lending as we don’t want our customers to end up like characters from a Pay Day Loan horror story in the local newspaper or online finance blog!  This is why we always insist that you only apply for an amount that you know that you can comfortably afford to pay back.

This should be regardless of any change in circumstance that you might envisage happening as it can become a costly affair if you find that you don’t  have the required payday advance repayment funds ready in your bank account on the same day you are supposed to pay us back.

Of course, we will always strive to work with you towards an extended repayment schedule if the situation becomes difficult  through no fault of your own, but we’d much rather that this didn’t happen in the first place.  This in the best interests of everybody involved as the fees and interest rates can soon add up if you don’t pay us back on time.